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Juice Drink Beer Water Sterilizer Machine , Temperature Bottle Industrial Sterilization Equipment

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Juice Drink Beer Water Sterilizer Machine , Temperature Bottle Industrial Sterilization Equipment

Large Image :  Juice Drink Beer Water Sterilizer Machine , Temperature Bottle Industrial Sterilization Equipment

Product Details:

Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: NC
Certification: CE/SGS
Model Number: WP2

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: FOB+8900+USD
Packaging Details: container
Delivery Time: 25DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C,, D/A, Western Union
Supply Ability: 40 SETS
Detailed Product Description
Material: Sus Voltage: 220V
Weight: 360kg Bactericidal Temperature: <97℃
Cooling Temperature: 21℃


Main use:
This equipment digest and absorb the similar equipments of Germany, Italy, Taiwan and so on. The use of hot water cycle spraying, sterilization, warm water precooling, cold water cooling three stage treatment or multi-stage treatment, sterilization and cooling time according to user needs, frequency conversion speed control, automatic control, highly automated. The utility model is applied to various bottles, canned drinks, canned fruits and vegetables, etc., and can also be used for the cooling of PET bottle filling tea beverage and the thermos bottle of an air containing beverage.
Product features:
1, the use of American brand Rexnord high temperature polypropylene (HTPP) chain board, the use of Japanese electrical components, the fuselage all made of stainless steel, stable and reliable operation, the overall compact structure, appearance, health and beauty. ;
2, high quality plastic mesh belt chain plate, can work for a long time at high temperature (more than 98), short-term high temperature of 104 DEG c;
3 , solid cone wide-angle nozzle, the flow distribution is uniform and stable, the temperature field is constant;
4, a variety of energy recovery technology, comprehensive utilization, energy saving, environmental protection;
5 , temperature sensor Pt100, the measurement accuracy is high, up to + 0.5 degrees;
6, multi process combination, reasonable process, can handle a variety of materials;
7 , sterilization temperature is controlled by PLC touch screen.
8, total processing time, frequency conversion control, can be adjusted according to the production process;
9, the packaging for non circular PP bottles, plastic bags, roof boxes, glass bottles, cans and other products equipped with automatic feeding and unloading institutions, and automated production line connection, transition smoothly;
10, it can provide heating distribution test service for users, and use expert system to monitor the temperature change in the whole process online.
11, with sterilization temperature automatic control, sterilization time stepless adjustable:
12, can be widely used in various bottled, canned, acidic fruit juice drinks, electrolyte drinks, liquor, spices and other products sterilization cooling;
13 , the equipment can be designed according to the user's sterilization conditions and yield requirements.
Working principle and mechanical structure:
(a), the working principle of
The spray cooling machine is a bottle which is bottled and sealed, and is transported into the spray area through a circular plastic chain plate to enter (spray set water temperature)
Domain, to complete the cooling process, the bottle temperature drop to a certain temperature (user settings), the bottle to achieve cooling.
Spray area is divided into three regions, the first region is composed of a water tank (tank consists of two slots) in the first tank water supply, water users
To set their own, such as higher than the set temperature, the cooling water pipe to open the first slot (solenoid valve open), the water in the
Water is cooled. The spray cooling water flows into the first tank in the water tank and is recycled. Second zone spray by circulating pump
Pumping water tank second tank water into the cooling tower (the user owned a 3m3 above the water tank, the water flows into the cooling tower
), the cold water tank pump (users) into the spray cooling pump spray cooling, cooling water into the water tank
Second in water tank, a circulation pump sent to a cooling device for cooling and recycling. Third zone sprinkler provided by user
Sterile water spray cooling, the purpose is to make the bottles (cans) after drying the appearance of anhydrous mark. The cooling water flows to second of the tank
Slot. This machine adopts a tank divided into two tank, when the first tank water level is high, the water automatically flows into the second groove, and vice versa. If the water level of the water tank is on the high side, it will flow out from the overflow pipe.
(two), structure
This equipment is composed of a machine body, a transmission part, a spraying device and electric control parts.
1, according to the requirements of the whole body is made of stainless steel, including manhole, regulation base and the water tank etc..
2, conveying device
The device with motor reducer as the driving source, driven shaft and supply side of the bottle is arranged between the annular plastic chain net conveyor belt driving in the side of the bottle, the product is placed on the conveyor.
(1) structure
This device is composed of the following parts:
Plastic chain network;
A drive sprocket mounted on a drive shaft and a driven shaft;
Guide rail for supporting products and chain network between two shafts;
Supporting roller for supporting return chain net;
Transition plate between feeding bottle and bottle discharging conveyer belt and chain net;
Bottle guard railing mounted on both sides of conveyer belt to prevent product falling.
(2) transmission chain network
The drive chain network is used to deliver bottles, chains, and long pins assembled with them, in which the chain is used not only for carrying bottles but also as supporting points for the entire chain network.
(3) bottles bottle from the bottle into the structure, with input, through the transition plate into the body, the transition plate and bottle feeding conveyor chain and main drive chain network is out of the bottle into the bottle with the same structure structure.
(three) spraying device
By the device on the cooling water spray (spray water temperature adjustable nozzle), water cone in normal. When the nozzle is blocked or the filter plate of the pump is blocked, the condition is in a straight barrel type, and the nozzle and the filter shall be cleaned at this time.
(four), electrical control
1, the machine is equipped with electric control cabinet, automatic control system device is provided with various operating buttons and temperature.
2, and a manual control system, manual and automatic conversion, convenient operation.


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